It is almost SO’clock again!

It would only be fair to conclude that the first SushiOrder POP-UP event was a success! It was satisfying
to see that what connects the SO-team on a daily basis seems to connect all the SO-family members on
a monthly basis. We are happy to have been able to stand by our mission to provide authentic and
exclusive caribbean sushi alongside the most outstanding customer service and we are looking forward to
doing it again!

Oh wait, it gets better! We not only shared our passion with our SO-lovers. Direct TV Curacao was also
present at Just Restaurant to be part of the experience! Direct TV is one of the caribbean’s number one
satellite services that offers high quality local entertainment and news. They filmed everything from our
devotion in the kitchen to the enjoyment of our SO-family members at their table. We were excited and
extremely happy to show that our passion for caribbean sushi gave us the ability to put together a great
event, where people could come together and contribute to creating an amazing atmosphere full of
positive vibes and SO-LOVE!

We owe so much gratitude to Just Restaurant for providing us with the opportunity to have our first POP-
UP restaurant at the venue. The staff of Just restaurant have taken care of professional excellence and
did their best to help everything run smoothly. For their enormous effort and effective contribution to
welcoming and helping our SO-family members upon their arrival, we are forever grateful.
It was not just a POP-UP event, it was a celebration of creativity that we enjoyed sharing with all of you.
This is just the start of our journey! If you were not able to be part of our first SushiOrder POP-UP
extravaganza, make sure you are there when it is SO’clock again! You can make your reservation on the
18th of August for the second POP-UP event on the 26th of August, starting from 12:00PM. So set your
alarm and do not snooze!

Let’s create MORE unforgettable memories together! Bring your best smile for your pictures on the
SushiOrder red carpet. Remember that with very picture you post on social media with the hashtag
#DOITFORSUSHIORDERCHALLENGE or #SUSHIORDER, you get the chance of winning great prizes
like FREE sushi rolls. We do it all for you!

We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support. See you on the 26th of August!

The SushiOrder team

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