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The SO-Team welcomes you to their blog. We will blog about different fun subjects that we want to share with all our SO-Lovers. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

The whole SushiOrder concept started the moment we, a few Caribbean pals, living in Holland, started to miss the o-so-delicious sushi from our hometown called Curacao. We started making sushi for fun and friendly occasions. Slowly but surely our love and obsession for sushi started to grow. A lot of research was done in order to create the best Caribbean style sushi to ease our homesickness. With a lot of great feedback from friends, family and followers, we started to grow the idea to sell these delicious sushi. Then, history was made!

The SushiOrder name was inspired by our SO-Brothers, BurgerOrder. They created the biggest burger brand on Instagram. Check them out. You won’t regret it! We want to take this moment to thank these boys for giving us the honour and trust to carry out the name!

After deciding to call this concept SushiOrder, we had to create the SO-Menu. Creating the perfect menu was and still is the most fun part! We invested a lot of time researching and experimenting different ingredients and recipes in order to create the perfect menu for you! Each roll, sauce and salad recipe is created by ourselves. With the Caribbean influence we try to bring our own touch to each and every roll!

For a while, we have been providing SO-lovers with the best Caribbean sushi for pick-up in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We have done this by investing our utmost care, love and passion in the kitchen. With the ongoing support we received from so many wonderful people, we decided that we were ready to take the next step. And that meant that it was time for a SushiOrder POP-UP!

We are so thrilled to be able to take the SO-family with us, every step of our journey!

Our mission is to provide contemporary and exclusive Caribbean sushi alongside the most outstanding customer service. The SushiOrder POP-UP will give us the opportunity to stand by our mission and provide our SO-family with an amazing experience, even fresher sushi and some one-on-one SO-LOVE.

We want to thank Just Restaurant for the opportunity and for believing in us! Guided by our past and inspired by our future, we are SO excited for what the future holds for SushiOrder. Will you be the salmon to our sticky rice on our journey?

We are ready to welcome you with open arms and we hope you enjoy your time at the SushiOrder POP-UP events and any other event in the future.

We can’t wait to serve you!

With much SO-Love,

The SO-Team

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